Utilizing state-of-the-art software equipment, our linguists are prepared to translate any type of document from a simple birth certificate to a technical training manual. Our skilled project managers oversee the process of translation, editing and proofreading in its entirety to ensure our clients are satisfied with every project.

Interpreting is a highly demanding service that requires the linguist to convey the speaker’s meaning with little or no time for deliberation. In addition to linguistic expertise and a vast knowledge of the subject matter at hand, an interpreter must possess a thorough understanding of cultural references in order to best reach the target audience and facilitate communication.

Our linguists are able to transcribe CDs, audio or video tapes and electronic audio files across a wide range of materials from courts to the entertainment industry. We can provide transcripts in a variety of formats and include time codes and certifications.

At ILS, our DTP managers are experts in the latest DTP software, typesetting and graphic design standards. Our specialists are able to recreate documents or implement multilingual text into layout and graphic designs to meet any requirements set by our clients.

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